Douglas County Standard Construction Details

The Board of County Commissioners approved revised standards for residential driveways at the April 18, 2019 board meeting.  The document is available at the link below.

Division 3.10.2 Driveway Access Revised April 2019

Douglas County Standard Details

 Detail Number  Detail Name  Date PDF  AutoCAD 
 Appendix A:          Street Improvement Details
 A01  Arterial/Collector Typical Road Section
 Dec 2018  PDF  DWG
 A02  Local Road Section  Dec 2018  PDF
 A03-A  Unpaved Road Section/At-Grade Service Road
 Dec 2018  PDF  DWG
 A04  Pedestrian Path/Bikeway Class I  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 A05-A  Type 1 PCC Curb & Gutter  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 A05-B  PCC Median Curb  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 A06  Typical Sidewalk  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 A07-A  Mid-Block Curb Ramp With Detached Sidewalk  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 A07-B  Mid-Block Curb Ramp With Attached Sidewalk  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 A07-C  Linear Curb Ramp Single Adjacent  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 A07-D  ADA Pedestrian Ramps Old Town Corner Ramps  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 A07-E  Curb Ramp General Notes  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 A08-A  Urban Residential PCC Driveway Apron  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 A08-B  Rural Residential Driveway Apron
 Dec 2018  PDF  DWG
 A08-C  Driveway Apron (Non-Residential) & Local Road Valley Gutter
 Dec 2018  PDF  DWG
 A09  PCC Valley Gutter (Alleys)  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 A10-A  Typical Alley Sections (PCC & AC)  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 A10-B  PCC Alley Jointing Details  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 A11  PCC Jointing  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 A12  Monuments  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 A13  Temporary Cover  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 A14  Street Cut Repair  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 A15  Typical Utility Main Locations  Dec 2018  PDF  DWG
 A16  Typical Utility Laterals Locations  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 A17  Cluster Box Turnouts  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 A18-A  Street Name Sign  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 A18-B  Standard Street Sign  Dec 2018  PDF  DWG
 A19  Guide Post  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 A20  Bollard  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 A21-A  Type 7 & 14 Pole Lighting & Signal  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 A21-B  Pole Grounding & Splice  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 A21-C  Safety Base  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 A21-D  Underground Electrical Service  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 A21-E  Traffic Rated Electrical Pull Box  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 A22  I.I.S.N.S. Safety Cable  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 A23  Industrial Road Standard Detail  Dec 2020  PDF  DWG
 Appendix B:    Water System Details
 B01  Trench Excavation & Backfill  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 B02  Water Stop  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 B03  Water Service  July 2017  PDF   DWG
 B04  3/4" Single & Double Service Pit, 1" Single Service Pit  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 B05  1 1/2" - 2" Meter Set  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 B06  3" to 8" Meter Set  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 B07  1" Dual Meter Set  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 B08  Service Saddle (3/4" - 2")  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 B09  Tapping Sleeve  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 B10  Valve  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 B11  Valve Box  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 B12  Thrust Blocks  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 B13  Thrust Block For Upward Thrust  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 B14  Fire Hydrant Assembly  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 B15  Combination Air Valve Assembly  Dec 2018  PDF  DWG
 B16  Check Valve  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 B17  Backflow Prevention Assembly  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 B18  Air Gap Separation  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 B20  Eclipse No. 88 Sampling Station  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 B21  Water Utility General Notes  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 Appendix C:    Sewer System
 C01  Typical Sewer Trench  Dec 2018  PDF  DWG
 C02  Water Stop  July 2018  PDF  DWG
 C03  Sanitary Sewer Manhole  Dec 2018  PDF  DWG
 C04  Drop Manhole  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 C05  Sanitary Sewer Manhole Raising  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 C06  Sewer Lateral  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 C07  Sewer Lateral Cleanout  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 C08  Sewer Service Saddle  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 C09  Dumpster Pad Drain System  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 C10  Grease Interceptor  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 C11  Sample Well Basin  July 2017  PDF  N/A
 C12  Sewer General Notes  July 2017  PDF  N/A
 Appendix D:    Storm Drainage Details
 D01  Typical Storm Drain Trench  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 D02  Water Stop  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 D03  Manholes For 15" - 24"  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 D04  Manholes For 30" - 48"  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 D05  Storm Drain Manhole Notes  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 D06  Type 4R Curb Inlet And Grate  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 D07  Access Control Rack  July 2017  PDF  DWG
 D08  Trash Rack  July 2017  PDF  DWG