County Boards and Commissions

Deciding to serve on an advisory board is a great way to get involved in local government and support your community.   Board eligibility requirements vary. All applicants must be Douglas County residents.

Additional information and application forms are available in the County Manager’s office at the Minden Inn, 1594 Esmeralda Avenue – Minden, NV 89423 (782-9821). Applications can also be downloaded HERE.

Citizen participation on Douglas County advisory committees serves two important purposes:

-The Board of Commissioners receives timely input and information regarding issues and potential impacts.
-Residents are directly involved in their local government and can positively impact the future of their community.

Advisory committees for the county are generally standing bodies established by the board and appointed by the board to provide ongoing citizen input to major policy areas. Some committees are established as required by the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) and have duties prescribed by law.


Board eligibility requirements vary. Click on the board above to review their requirements. All applicants must be Douglas County residents. Additional information and application forms are available in the County Manager’s Office in the Minden Inn, 1594 Esmeralda Avenue in Minden (782-9821).

Applications are to be submitted to the County Manager’s Office at the Minden Inn, 1594 Esmeralda Avenue, Minden, NV 89410.

Appointments vary in length, and the terms are staggered to provide for continuity. The responsibilities of the members generally include:

-Holding public meetings to solicit community input on current issues.
-Identifying issues which the advisory committee feels should be addressed by the board or staff.
-Providing ongoing recommendations to the board and staff concerning specific program areas.

In keeping with Douglas County’s philosophy of citizen involvement, the board appoints citizens to committees to assist in formulating county policy and carrying out responsibilities delineated in NRS. The strength and success of the Douglas County government is, to a large degree, reflective of the quality of services performed by these volunteer advisory committees.


Within the county structure, many committees serve in an advisory capacity to the board. Those committees are:
-911 Surcharge Advisory Committee
-Airport Advisory Committee
-Genoa Historic District Commission
-Parks and Recreation Commission
-Senior Services Advisory Council
-Water Conveyance Advisory Committee

Other committees within the county structure are appointed by the board, but have duties and reporting responsibilities prescribed by NRS. Those committees are:

-Audit Committee
-Board of Equalization
-Carson Water Subconservancy District
-Douglas County Advisory Board to Manage Wildlife
-Law Library
-Library Board of Trustees
-Planning Commission
-Regional Transportation Commission
-Debt Management

In the fall of each year, the County Manager’s Office solicits applications from interested residents for appointment / reappointment to advisory committee openings that will occur in January of the next year. Contact the County Manager’s Office at 775-782-9821 for an application form and additional information.

The County Manager’s Office generally provides a Volunteer Board Advisory Training in the first part of each year once appointments are made. At training, staff members discuss and provide new advisory board members with resources such as The Douglas County Handbook for Effective Boards and Committees, Easy Rules for Ethics, and information regarding compliance with the Open Meeting Law.