Public Administrator


The Public Administrator is elected to four-year terms. The position is responsible for probating estates for those who have not made prior arrangements appointing someone to finalize their affairs. The Court must appoint the Administrator to any estate requiring probate services. Those services can be as simple as authorizing cremation or locating family but more often, the Administrator handles issues that are more complex such as selling all real and personal property, cleaning out the home, managing all financial matters including filing tax returns, filing reports with the Courts.

The County contracts with a law firm to represent the Public Administrator.
The Public Administrator is paid from the estate, if there are funds available, pursuant to NRS 150.020.


Steve L. Walsh

Douglas County Public Administrator


PO Box 1683

Minden, NV 89423


Ph: 775-267-4321

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday

8 a.m. - 5 p.m.