How to Prepare & Present Appeals to the Board

Complete all the information on the appeal form including the owner's opinion of market value. Incomplete appeal forms may be returned to the taxpayer. If you have any questions about filling out the form contact this office for assistance. To change the taxable value, you must provide evidence that proves the market value of the property is less than the taxable value of the property, or that the classification or purpose for which the property is used was not considered by the Assessor. The burden of proof is on you to show that the property is overvalued and that the taxable value exceeds full cash value. It is not sufficient to simply say the Assessor's value is incorrect. You must state the correct value and present evidence to support the value you claim.

Proof may consist of evidence that:

- Recent sales of similar properties in the vicinity that are less than the taxable value of your property.
- Adverse factors affecting the value have not been considered in determining the taxable value.
- The fair economic income expectancy of the property does not justify the valuation.
- An error has been made in computing the taxable value.
- Any combination of the above.

Current costs of construction do not necessarily substantiate comparison to the taxable value. If you do your own construction, the cost of construction will be based on industry standards, not just your own costs. If you present an appraisal to back up your claim, the appraisal must be from a licensed or certified Nevada appraiser. The County Board may set time limits for appeals and may limit redundant or irrelevant testimony. Consideration will be given to the fact that complex appeals may require more time to establish a record to permit further appeals. If you wish to have a verbatim transcript of the hearing you must provide and pay for a court reporter. A copy of the transcript must be provided to the Secretary if it is to be part of the record (prior to a subsequent appeal or hearing).