Appeals to the Board of Equalization

Appeals to the Board
The Board (s) of Equalization handles two types of appeals:

- Personal Property
For property assessed prior to December 15, you can file an appeal with the County Board of Equalization prior to January 15.  For property assessed after December 15, the appeal is filed directly to the State Board of Equalization.  The appeal must be filed no later than May 15.  Even though you file an appeal, because of the time frames involved you have to pay the personal property tax which is due prior to having your appeal heard.  You must file a formal protest in writing.  Nevada law requires that the protest must be in triplicate and filed the same time as your tax payment.  Failure to pay the taxes due will result in interest and penalties being imposed.

- Real Property
The value of the real property (property on the secured roll) must be contested by January 15 by the filing of an appeal.  Unless the value is contested, the notice of assessment will be the base upon which your property tax for the next fiscal year is determined.

For More Information
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