Appealing Before the Board of Equalization

Nevada Revised Statutes and the Nevada Administrative Code govern the procedures for filing an appeal before the County and State Boards of Equalization. The time frames for filing and hearing the appeals, the requirements for the information that must be contained in the appeals and the Boards" authority to change valuations are statutory requirements. The Boards of Equalization can only consider issues of valuation (assessments) not tax rates or taxes. Further, the Boards cannot reduce the valuation of your property because of a financial hardship.

To Obtain a Copy of the Appeal Form (Petition)
Contact our office as soon as practical. We will need to have owner name, parcel number(s) or physical address. If there is more than one parcel or if they are under different ownership you will need to obtain and file a separate appeal for each parcel. Appeals must be filed no later than January 15 with our office. Hearings before the Douglas County Board of Equalization will be scheduled as necessary but will be concluded on or before February 28.

You will be notified in writing of your hearing date and time at least ten (10) days prior to the hearing. Hearings are conducted in accordance with Nevada's Open Meeting Law and the Nevada Administrative Procedures Act. It is not necessary to be represented by an attorney or an accountant before the Board; however a person who makes an appeal on behalf of the owner of the property must have written authorization signed by the owner. If you hire an attorney to represent you the attorney must be licensed to practice before the highest court of any state of the United States (NAC 361.698).