Board of County Commissioners

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From left to right: Barry Penzel, Larry Walsh, Nancy McDermid, Dave Nelson, and Steve Thaler. The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) is the governing, legislative body for Douglas County. The 5 members of the Board are elected at large, by district. Commissioners serve 4-year, overlapping terms, and receive limited compensation for their service to the community. Each year, the Board selects one of its members to serve as chairman and preside over public meetings.

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The duties of the Board of Commissioners are to: 

  • Develop policies guiding the county in the delivery of services and achieving community goals
  • Encourage resident awareness and involvement
  • Maintain financial stability by overseeing the county budget process and allocations
  • Provide County Leadership

Agendas & Minutes

Meetings and agendas are posted in the Agenda and Meeting Portal 5 days prior to the scheduled meeting. An Action Summary is posted the day after the scheduled meeting, and meeting minutes are posted upon approval.

BOCC Meeting Attendance Schedule- November
BOCC Meeting Schedule

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Board Norms & Procedures


District         Incumbent                                   Term 
District 1       Dave Nelson, Commissioner   2017-2020
       (775) 690-2970
District 2       Steve Thaler, Chairman             2015-2018
       (775) 721-1108
District 3       Larry Walsh, Commissioner      2017-2020 
       (775) 450-9414

District 4       Nancy McDermid, Commissioner      2007-2018 
                       (775) 267-7968

District 5       Barry Penzel, Vice Chair                       2013-2020
                       (775)  781-6075