Notification of Assessment


Real Property
Between the middle of November and the end of December, our office will mail each property owner a notice of assessment card. In addition, the complete list of real property in the county will be published on our website on or before the first day of January. Our office will reopen the assessment roll to specific changes to properties that occur before the upcoming July lien date. This includes such items as new construction and parcel splits.

Personal Property
Taxpayers with taxable personal property are required to declare the property to the assessor's office each year. Business taxpayers must complete the form upon starting a new business and must declare all additions and deletions in personal property annually. Businesses currently on our tax roll will receive a personal property declaration during the month of May while new businesses will receive one in June.

Mobile / manufactured home dealers and rebuilders are required to have the buyer sign an acknowledgment of taxes and forward a copy to the county assessor where the home will be located. The acknowledgment form is supplied by the Manufactured Housing Division to the dealers and rebuilders.

Please Note
The failure of the taxpayer to receive an affidavit or declaration form does not relieve the taxpayer from the reporting liability. If the list is not filed, the assessor must make an estimate of the taxable value of the property.

For More Information
If you have any questions or need assistance in filling out the form please contact our office by email or by phone at (775) 782-9830.