Justice of the Peace Opening

Douglas County Now Accepting Applications for Justice of the Peace in Tahoe Township
Posted on 07/19/2023
Douglas County Now Accepting Applications for Justice of the Peace in Tahoe Township

Douglas County, NV – Douglas County is seeking to fill the unexpired term of the Justice of the Peace in Tahoe Township in anticipation of a vacancy on October 5, 2023. The announcement comes after Justice of the Peace Richard Glasson announced his departure earlier this year.

During its meeting on June 15, 2023, the Board of County Commissioners directed staff to create a selection process to fill the vacancy within the office of the Tahoe Township Justice of the Peace in compliance with Nevada law, including the preparation of a questionnaire for interested applicants, creating a selection committee, defining the selection process timeline, and the date the selection of the Tahoe Township Justice of the Peace will occur.

Details regarding the selection process will be dependent upon the number of qualified interested parties who apply during the period identified in the posting. This appointment is a public process and screening of applicants will take place in a public meeting before the Board of County Commissioners.

The current term will expire in December 2024. Candidates who wish to serve in future terms will need to file as a candidate for election with the Douglas County Clerk. 

The details of the position are as follows:


NRS 4.170 Duties of justices of the peace.

The justices shall be conservators of the peace in their respective townships, and shall discharge such duties as may be prescribed by law. 


NRS 4.010 Qualifications of justice of the peace.

      1. A person may not be a candidate for or be eligible to the office of justice of the peace unless the person is a qualified elector and has never been removed or retired from any judicial office by the Commission on Judicial Discipline. For the purposes of this subsection, a person is eligible to be a candidate for the office of justice of the peace if a decision to remove or retire the person from a judicial office is pending appeal before the Supreme Court or has been overturned by the Supreme Court.

      2. A justice of the peace must have a high school diploma or its equivalent as determined by the State Board of Education.

      3. In addition to any other requirement provided by law or a court rule, a justice of the peace who is not licensed or admitted to practice law in the courts of this State at the time of his or her election or appointment must pass an examination prescribed by the Nevada Supreme Court within 18 months after taking the official oath. The examination must test the competency of the examinee's knowledge on subject matters related to the duties of a justice of the peace, including, without limitation:

(a) Judicial decorum;
(b) Application of the Revised Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct;
(c) Criminal and civil actions and proceedings over which a justice court has jurisdiction, including, without limitation, the issuance of temporary or extended orders for protection; and
(d) The financial administration of a court, including, without limitation, the minimum accounting standards of a justice court.

Please click here for the job posting and application, or call Douglas County Human Resources at 775-782-9860 for further information. Applications will be accepted until August 8, 2023 at 4 p.m.