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Douglas County is committed to honest budgeting, responsible spending, and financial transparency. In this spirit, the County has partnered with OpenGov to provide its citizens and stakeholders with the Financial Transparency Portal. The portal is designed to bring visibility, openness, and accountability to our operations. The County has partnered with OpenGov to provide enhanced access to detailed revenue and expenditure data within its robust data platform. The site provides citizens, stakeholders, and the public with self-service, easy to use dashboards to view, filter, and analyze financial data for the County. You can download the data, e.g., Excel, for offline analysis.


Tips on Using OpenGov:

  • You'll notice the title of the Report you are viewing in the top left corner.
  • Select the Filtered By option to view the data filters. These filters will allow you to select exactly which data you want to include, or exclude, from your graph or chart.
  • Use the Search function within each filter to find exactly what you are looking for.
  • Below any chart or graph, you can view a Table detailing the financial information in the visualization above.
  • Use the Help drop-down in the top right corner to:
  • View a short How-To Guide with tips on navigating the platform.
  • Recall the Welcome Screen.
  • Contact the administrators of the account.
  • Use the Share drop-down in the top right corner to:
  • Share your customized graph or chart through social media.
  • Send a link to your customized graph or chart through email.
  • Use the Download drop-down in the top right corner to:
  • Download an image of the graph or table as a .png file.
  • Download a spreadsheet as a .csv file.

For additional information on OpenGov and to access education materials, please visit:

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Thank you for visiting Douglas County Transparency Portal. This website will be enhanced regularly, so check back often for new tools and search capabilities. The County welcomes your feedback. The goal of Douglas County is to be transparent in a participatory and collaborative manner. To make an inquiry or to provide feedback, send us an email.