Road Funding Task Force

Road Funding Task Force Members

  • Rob Anderson
  • John Benzing
  • Jeri Johnson
  • Scott Brooke
  • Terry Burnes
  • Bob Cook
  • Jeremy Davidson
  • Rodger Falcke
  • Fred Farley
  • John Hamer
  • Bill Henderson
  • Larry Lippman
  • Ronald Lynch
  • Mitch Mize
  • Lynn Muzzy
  • Rick Ross
  • Jill Ruble
  • Larry Walsh

Road Funding Task Force

The Road Funding Task Force was developed to help provide solutions to the county's road funding challenges. The following is a brief overview of the issue, background and goal for the public process:

Douglas County needs to identify approximately $4 million per year in additional funding to maintain county roads at their current level. Also, the county is faced with approximately $50 million in road maintenance backlogs.


  • From 2001 to 2004, recognizing the lack of funding for road maintenance and the growing deterioration of county roads, a large group of diverse stakeholders in Douglas County participated in an effort to pursue additional funding for roads, called the Transportation 2020 Steering Committee. After 3 years and nearly 40 public workshops, a 2004 ballot initiative to implement a $0.05 gas tax failed.
  • In the 2003, while the general state of Douglas County was determined to be stable with a positive outlook, the County Manager at the time highlighted the one major challenge facing the community: "Investment in the county's infrastructure is needed. Street maintenance is lacking."
  • In 2010, the county identified road maintenance funding as a top priority and began public discussions on the issue. A new Pavement Management System was implemented to quantify the current condition of roads and project future costs.
  • In 2011, after several public meetings, surveys, analysis of the business impact and an apparent split in public sentiment, a decision to implement the $0.05 gas tax was deferred by the Board of Commissioners. The board approved shifting $191,000 annually in current property tax revenue from the General Fund to the Road Operating Fund.
  • In 2012, the board approved a goal to shift $140,000 in current property tax revenue from the General Fund per year for 5 years, for a total of $700,000 annually by Fiscal Year 2016-17.
  • In 2013, the county identified road maintenance funding as a top strategic priority in its first Financial State of the county.
  • In 2013, the Board of Commissioners utilized priority based budgeting to shift over $1 million per year in current property tax revenue from the General Fund to the Regional Transportation Fund for preventative road maintenance (private contracts). In Fiscal Year 2013-14, nearly $1.5 million will be spent on private contracts for preventative road maintenance, compared to just over $400,000 in the current fiscal year.
  • In 2013, the Board of Commissioners directed the County Manager to engage a diverse group of residents in identifying solutions to road maintenance funding challenges.


Identify the most viable and appropriate sources of funding, and gain public support for implementation.


The County Manager has created the task force, selected the members, and identified the goal and timeline for the process. The task force will advise the County Manager. The County Manager will report back to the board with recommendations.
  • A series of public workshops is proposed for the fall of 2013 in various locations throughout the community. Additional public outreach efforts could include online surveys, meetings with services groups, businesses and other stakeholders.
  • The task force should meet at least once a month on a date and time that is most convenient for the majority of the group.
  • It is requested that the task force members attend meetings, participate thoughtfully, respect the opinions of others, focus on solutions to the issue and seek to engage the broader public in the discussion.
  • The County Manager intends to complete the majority of the task force work by the end of 2013, if possible.
  • The issue, background, goal, and process are intended to provide a starting point for our discussions, but all of this information is open for additional questions, comments, and refinement by the task force. Attached is additional information on the County's Pavement Management Program / Pavement Condition Index, current funding for road maintenance and several articles about road maintenance issues in other communities.

Meetings & Documents




September 2013


Final Recommendations to the Douglas County Commissioners Meeting

Approved Items
The following was approved at the March 6th, 2014 Commissioners meeting:

  • Establishing a policy that county-wide taxes be used for regional / countywide roads and local taxes be used for local / neighborhood roads and staff
  • Direction to identify additional funding to be shifted to road maintenance for collector roads as part of the FY14-15 budget process public works

Articles Discussed
The following news articles have been discussed at the meetings:

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