Expand Your Business

Considering a Business Expansion?

Already doing business in Douglas County? Need information, tools and resources to help with your expansion? We are here to help.

Site Expansion

When the opportunity arises to expand at your current location or to consider another site, our Community Development staff can help. Understanding the zoning designation, requirements and permits necessary to allow your expansion are important first steps. Consult our Planning staff early in the process to learn about what your site can accommodate. E-mail, stop by or call (775) 782-6217, the Community Development public counter, for assistance.

Want to have a meeting with Community Development staff before you submit for required permits and approvals. Our Pre-application process will give you information needed to feel confident about what will be required to build or expand.

Small Business Counseling

Services to help your small business with a business plan, research, counseling, mentoring and training.

State Incentives

The State of Nevada offers a variety of incentives to expand businesses. See a list of incentives. Our partners at Northern Nevada Development Authority will walk you through the process.

Workforce Assistance

Our Workforce Development Business Outreach staff can help with hiring and training resources.

Still Have Questions?

Contact Nikki Verdile, Economic Vitality Manager for other questions or assistance.