VHR Permit Waitlist

Waitlist Process
Douglas County will establish a list of property owners who will be randomly selected to qualify to apply for the remaining permits available under the 600 permit cap. The remaining applicants will be placed on a waitlist to qualify to apply for future available permits.

Waitlist Selection:

Douglas County received 150 applications for the VHR waitlist.   Six (6) of those applications were duplicate entries.  The first entry remained in the ranking the remaining duplicate entries were removed from the list.  The remaining  144 waitlist permits then was sent to Ted Thran, CPA to perform the random ranking.   You should have received an email from the Accela system notifying you of your permit number after the permit closed.

The ranking was then imported into the  Accela and can be verified under your application.   You will be receiving a letter inviting you to apply for an open VHR permit in the coming week(s). 

Douglas County staff is in the process of verifying each of the application on the waitlist that the property is not currently being advertised or rented.  Some of the applicants have been identified as advertising the unit for rent without first obtaining a permit and they will be notified as well and removed from the waitlist. 

Please (CLICK HERE) to view the letter Ted Thran, CPA prepared for the Department on the ranking order by the wait list application number. 

Next Round of VHR waitlist APPLICATIONS
Right now the plan is for Douglas County to begin accepting waitlist applications on July 1, 2022 through July 31, 2022 for Vacation Home Rental permits. Applications for the waitlist will ONLY be accepted during this period. Applications may be submitted online, in person, or by mail. The paper applications and links to the online application will be posted to this page on July 1, 2021. Each year the waitlist applications will be accepted July 1st through July 31st of the calendar year ONLY.  Douglas County reserves the right to hold Special posting periodsthat will be published and advertised.   The fee to apply to be on the waitlist is $100 plus a $4 technology assessment fee ($104 total). 

     Online Application*click here. 

*Please note Douglas County created an online registration and application guide to assist applicants with completing this process. Applicants will need to register first before applying. Click here to view the guide

     Download PDF Applicationclick here.

Applications submitted by mail (see address below), must be received by Douglas County by July 31st. Late submittals will not be accepted for any reason. 

Douglas County Community Development Department

Attn: VHR Program

P.O. Box 218

Minden, NV 89423

Waitlist Selection
After the application deadline, July 31st, position on the waitlist will be done by random selection (lottery) conducted by an independent third party selected by the County. The results of this process will be presented at a public meeting of the Vacation Home Rental Advisory Board. The time, place, and manner of this meeting will be posted to the agenda center on the County's website.

Once a permit becomes available, if selected from the waitlist, and upon notification, applicants will then have 60 days to meet all of the conditions of a VHR permit as determined by the County and pay the necessary fees. If it is determined by the County the applicant is unable to meet all of the conditions of the permit, the permit allocation will go back into a pool and the next applicant on the waitlist will qualify to apply for a permit.

It is the obligation of the applicant to apply annually at the appropriate time, in order to be placed on the waitlist. Douglas County is not obligated to provide notice to the applicant that the waitlist is being renewed.

Waitlist Limitations
  • Incomplete applications, or applications submitted without the appropriate fee, will not be processed or accepted.
  • Douglas County reserves the right to cancel the waitlist and/or discontinue or modify the waitlist process at any time.
  • Applicants may only apply for one position on the waitlist per person, per family each year (member of the same household). Failure of the applicant to comply with this provision, may subject them to removal from the waitlist.
  • Placement on the waitlist does not guarantee a permit. Applicants must still meet eligibility requirements and comply with application requirements.
  • VHR Permits are limited to one per person, per family (members of the same household). Applicants that have an interest in any other property currently permitted as a VHR may not apply to be on the waitlist.
  • Failure of the applicant to comply with any of the provisions of Chapter 20.622 of the Douglas County Code may disqualify them from being placed on the waitlist, subject them to removal from the waitlist and expose the applicant to possible to criminal prosecution, civil suits, fines and fees.
  • Advertising for or operating a VHR without a permit will result in a $20,000 fine and the applicant will be permanently banned from obtaining a VHR permit in Douglas County.