Public Record Request - Community Development

Request for Public Records - Community Development

PLEASE NOTE: Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 239 does not require the County to respond to general requests for information not contained in a public book or record nor does it require the County to generate a public record or public book that does not currently exist. To the extent County staff can efficiently provide answers to general requests, which do not identify a specific public record or public book, it will do so as long as it does not require an extraordinary amount of time or interfere with its required obligations and duties. Please note that under NRS 239.0107, County staff has until the end of the fifth business day after the request is made to furnish the public record/book or respond to the request. If the request requires the extraordinary use of personnel or resources, for example if it takes more than 30 minutes to perform research or to make copies, an additional fee may be required. The requester will be notified of any fee for extraordinary use of personnel or resources prior to copies being made.

This Request is for Community Development Records Only


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