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Code Enforcement is under Douglas County Community Development within the Administration Department. Code Enforcement is charged with protecting the public health, safety, and general welfare of Douglas County residents by enforcing compliance with many sections of the Douglas County Code including zoning ordinances, property maintenance codes, vacation rentals, sign codes, and public nuisances.

Douglas County Code Enforcement is committed to promoting safe, healthy, and attractive neighborhoods and improving the quality of our communities by fair enforcement of the code.

How do I file a complaint and what can I expect? Will the Code Enforcement Officer contact me?

As of November 1, 2018 complaints will only be accepted by filling out the Code Enforcement Complaint Form. The form is available below or you can obtain one at the Public Counter at 1594 Esmeralda Ave. Room 202 Minden, NV 89423. Once complete, The form may be submitted at the public counter, mailed to P.O. Box 218, Minden NV  89423, or emailed to  Anonymous complaints will not be accepted or addressed. You are required to provide us with your information because we may need additional information to address the complaint. You will not be contacted unless additional information is needed. Your information WILL NOT be automatically provided to the violator, however your information can be made available via a public records request. When you file a complaint you will not be provided with any follow up or the outcome of the complaint. Once a complaint is filed, an initial inspection is generally conducted within two business days, however, the entire process can take several weeks to resolve.

Talk It Out:
If you are having a problem, Douglas County recommends that you approach the party responsible for the issue that is causing you concern, to see if the issue can be resolved without hardship or County Involvement. If the “Friendly Neighbor” approach does not work or if the situation is not conducive to neighborly negotiations, a Code Enforcement officer can review a complaint once it is filed with the County. If the Code Enforcement Officer finds that the County Codes are in violation, the Code Enforcement Officer will handle the correspondence and resolution of the violation.

What is not covered by Code Enforcement?
Animal Issues
• Barking dogs and animal related complaints are handled by Douglas County Animal Services.
• Reports of animal cruelty or abuse are handled by Douglas County Animal Services.
Animal Control Services: (775) 782-9061

• Any Bear or wild animal issues are handled by Nevada Department of Wildlife.

Certain Parking Issues
• Any vehicle parked on Public Streets, including cars, trailers, RV’s, and boats. These issues are handled by the Douglas County Sheriff. Code Enforcement only addresses vehicles on private property. 
• Abandoned vehicles, these issues are handled by the Douglas County Sheriff.
Sheriff Volunteers (775) 783-6466

Certain Property Issues
• Leaves that blow onto your property from a neighbors’ property, please address this issue with your neighbor.
• Any act of Nature that would not be of our control.
• Water and drainage issues are handled by Courtney Walker, Douglas County Storm Water Manager, (775) 782-6215.

What about fences?
Fences are generally not required, however, there are certain rules you should be aware of when building a fence:
• Front yard and side of street yard is limited to three (3) feet in height
• Other yard area is limited to seven (7) feet in height. Currently a building permit is not needed for a fence under 7ft in height, however, a variance is needed to exceed 6ft. 

Good Neighbor Fences
Fences on the property line between two properties are owned equally by both property owners. Civil law provides that the cost of necessary repair or replacement are shared equally between owners. This however, is a civil issue between owners and the County will not get involved.

Enforcement of CC&R's
• The County does not enforce neighborhood Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s). For questions regarding CC&R violations in your neighborhood contact your HOA or refer to the copy of the CC&R’s you received upon purchase of your property.

The Property Maintenance Ordinance (Chapter 20.690) can address many issues related to the poor condition of a property, but it does not address all problems. Many Home Owner Associations have more restrictive rules than the county and may be another avenue for you to address problems. County codes can address:
• Storage of broken or discarded furniture, household equipment and furnishings when visible from a public street
• Overgrown vegetation visible from a public street and/or which causes a sight obstruction or encroaches on the public right-of-way
• Dead, decayed, diseased or hazardous trees, weeds, or other vegetation constituting unsightly appearance and is visible from a public street
• Junk, trash, household items or other debris kept on the property for an unreasonable time and visible from a public street such as abandoned, broken or neglected equipment, machinery, appliances, refrigerators and freezers, hazardous pools, ponds, and excavations.
• Junk/unregistered/inoperable vehicles parked or stored off the pavement on residential properties and visible from a public street.
• Buildings which are partially destroyed, left in an unreasonable state of partial construction, or declared dangerous by the Building Official.
• Unsightly buildings in a state of major disrepair.
• Building exteriors, walls, fences, driveway, sidewalks, or walkways which are maintained in defective or unsightly conditions.
• Storing piles of dirt, rocks, gravel, sand, concrete, or other similar materials for an unreasonable period of time.

Recreation Vehicle Parking and Storage
Per Douglas County Code on parcels smaller than 1/2 acre, recreational equipment, such as motor homes, boats, boat trailers, travel trailers, pick-up campers, utility trailers and similar equipment, and cases or boxes used for transporting recreational equipment, must be parked or stored in a carport or in an enclosed building, or up to two units may be parked behind the nearest portion of a building to the street screened by a solid 6-foot fence. such equipment may be parked anywhere for a time period not to exceed forty-eight hours during a loading or unloading.      

Code Enforcement Frequently Asked Questions


How do I report on street parking violations?
On street parking violations including abandoned vehicles, parking violations, unattached trailers, RVs on the street, and parking on sidewalks are addressed by the Douglas County Sheriff's Office. You can contact the Sheriff's office at 775-782-5126.
Where can I report barking dogs?
Code Enforcement does not handle barking, at large or loose dogs. Barking dogs are handled by Douglas County Animal Care & Services. You can call them at (775) 782-9061.
Where can I park my RV, boat, or utility trailer?
If your property is zoned below SFR 1/2 (generally those properties with less than 1/2 acre) you are allowed to park up to 2 RVs, boats, trailers or similar equipment in a rear or side yard that is screened from view of the right of way and adjoining parcels with a 6 foot solid fence. On properties zoned SFR 1/2 with at least 1/2 acre RVs, boats, trailers or similar equipment may be parked on the property. If you need to know what your property is zoned you can contact the planning desk at 775-782-6217.
I have family and friends coming. Can they stay in their RV in the street or my driveway?
RV occupation is limited to 7 consecutive days and no more than 14 days total in a year.
My neighbor has garbage piled up in their yard, can they do this?
Solid waste, garbage, trash, and rubbish is not allowed to be piled up on the property. Solid waste is to be stored in a trash receptacle with a lid, and removed from the premises on a regular basis. An excessive amount of solid waste is a public nuisance. Solid waste is not to be stored in open truck beds or in trailers.
What is considered junk, and how much can be stored on a property?
Junk in Douglas County is defined as articles of personal property that have outlived their usefulness in their original form, or articles of personal property that have been discarded and are no longer used for their manufactured purpose, regardless of value. Please see Title 20, Chapter 20.691.020 Property Maintenance Definitions.
Can I keep chickens in my back yard?
It depends. Poultry is regulated under animal keeping. Animal keeping is allowed on parcels zoned SFR 1 and above with at least 1 acre. There are also some properties zoned SFR 1/2 that are in a Livestock Overlay Zone that allows the keeping of animals with some provisions. Generally if you live in a residential area on less than 1/2 acre you are not allowed to keep poultry. Contact the Planning Technician to find out what your parcel is zoned. 775-782-6217.
My neighbor hasn't mowed their lawn in months, is this against code and what can be done?
Douglas County has an ordinance on "noxious vegetation." It says that grass and weeds over 10" in height is not allowed. Code Enforcement suggests that neighbors talk with each other, as perhaps the neighbor needs some help that you may be willing or able to provide. You can also report a code violation.
Can I keep a metal cargo container on my property? It would come in handy for storage or making a guest house.
Cargo containers, metal storage containers, or sea cargo containers are not allowed on a vacant parcel or on any parcel zoned below SFR 1. On properties zoned SFR 1 or greater, with at least 1 acre, containers are allowed with a minor design review and have to meet certain conditions. Conditions include one per acre with a maximum of 2 in residentially zoned districts, painted similar to house or earth tones, screened with a fence, and not modified to occupy humans or animals. Contact the Planning desk for more information 775-782-6217.
What temporary signs are allowed?
You can get a temporary sign permit for banners, A-frames, and inflatable devices. Please see Title 20 Code Section 20.696 Sign and Advertising Control. For questions about getting a permit you can contact the Planning Technician at 775-782-6217 or visit them on the 2nd floor of 1594 Esmeralda in the Minden Inn.
Can I keep my unregistered and unrestored 1977 AMC Gremlin in my driveway if it is under a tarp or car cover?
No. An unregistered vehicle or otherwise junk vehicle needs to either be in an enclosed building or in a rear or side yard screened with a 6 foot fence from adjacent properties and right of ways.

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