Information on Manufactured & Mobile Homes

Manufactured Home Declaration - Use if located in a park
Manufactured Home Declaration - Use if not located in a park
Affidavit Of Conversion - Use to convert a manufactured home to real property

How Is A Mobile Home Taxed?
Mobile homes are taxed as personal property. The value of the home is determined using a schedule provided to the Assessor by the Nevada Tax Commission. Once a taxable value is reached, the Nevada assessment ratio of 35% is applied to that value, and the district tax rate is applied to that figure which gives the amount of tax on the home.

What Happens If I Have The Installment Option And Wish To Sell My Home Before The Next Tax Payment?
The tax obligation is still upon the person who is originally assessed. Transfer of ownership on a mobile home cannot be processed until all taxes are paid in full and the Assessor&rsquos endorsement placed on the fact of the title verifying the payment.

What Happens If I Buy A Mobile Home On Which The Taxes Are Not Paid?
Property taxes are a lien on the property. If the above happens, you would in effect be purchasing a tax lien along with the mobile home. To ensure this does not happen to you, you should make sure that the Assessor's endorsement is on the title before you purchase the mobile home or call our office at 782-9830 to verify if taxes are current. The law allows 30 days for the purchaser to report the mobile home sale to the County Assessor.

Should I Wait For A Tax Bill?
No. If you have not received a tax bill and the final payment date is approaching, you should contact the Assessor's Office so that penalties can be avoided. Our phone number is 782-9830.

Where Can I Get A Title Changed On A Mobile Home?
Mobile home titles are handled by:
Manufactured Housing Division
1830 E College Pkwy #120
Carson City, NV 89706
(775) 684-2940

Manufactured Housing Division
2501 E. Sahara Ave, Ste #204
Las Vegas, NV 89104
(702) 486-4135

Special Note
Manufactured Housing Division requires verification that taxes are paid in full prior to ownership changes.

For the State of Nevada, Manufactured Housing Division's website including online title searches go to: