Frequent Questions about Personal Property

Why Do I Have to Pay Personal Property Tax? I Paid the Tax When I Bought the Merchandise.
The tax paid when you purchased the item was the sales and use tax not personal property tax. The law requires all personal property to be taxed unless specifically exempted by law.

About Business Personal Property. . .
What Is Business Personal Property?
Generally it is any tangible asset that is used to conduct business activities, such as furniture and equipment. For example: desks, chairs, copy machines, drapes, pictures, filing cabinets, book cases, credenzas, display fixtures, furniture in a reception area, telecommunications, computer, rental, gaming, and x-ray equipment. Call our office for more details or if you have any questions at 775-782-9073.

What if I Didn’t Purchase the Property?
You are still required to report the acquisition of the personal property along with an estimated value at the time you acquired it.

How Can I List the Acquisition Cost if I Don’t Know it?
You list what the value would be if you had purchased the item or the estimated value at the time of receipt.

About Manufactured Homes. . .
Why are Manufactured Homes Taxed as Personal Property?
All manufactured homes, trailers or vehicles not registered through the Department of Motor Vehicles are subject to taxation. All personal property is taxable unless specifically exempted by law.

Why are My Taxes Higher Than My Neighbors?
Several factors are possible. The most likely are age and the original acquisition cost of the home, along with the type of improvements that are present (patios, decks, etc).

About Unregistered Vehicles . . .
Why are Unregistered Vehicles Taxed as Personal Property?
All personal property unless specifically exempt by law is taxable. Unregistered vehicles are any vehicles not registered by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Examples include: mini motor homes, travel trailers, and off road motor vehicles owned or used by a business.