Sample Assessment Notice

About the Assessment
The assessment notice card is not a bill, but a document that contains important information regarding the value of your property for assessment and taxation purposes.

View a sample assessment notice.

Explanation of Terms and Figures
The description information includes current parcel number and physical location. The legal description is unverified and should be checked for accuracy. Additionally, the address includes the assessed owner, not the legal owner, and the current mailing address. Additional explanations are shown on the reverse side of the assessment card. Further explanation on how values are determined can be accessed by viewing information on how your property is assessed.

Term Explanation
Appraisal Year The calendar year the property was last physically inspected and revalued.
Assessed Total This is the total of the assessed value of land and the assessed value of improvements, less exemption amounts (if any), and yields the total assessed value of the property.
Assessed Values Land This is the assessed value of the land. To compute taxable value of the land divide this number by .35 (35%). For example, 35,000/.35= $100.000. This calculation gives the taxable value, which is the assessor's rough equivalent to market value.
District Tax district in which the property is located.
Exemptions Exemptions exist for veterans, widows / widowers, and blind persons. Exemption amounts are set by the legislature and increase each year by the change in the Consumer Price Index. Exemption amounts vary by type.
Fiscal Years Indicates the fiscal year starting July 1 and ending June 30 of the year shown.
Improvements This is also an assessed value and can be converted to taxable value by the same formula. For example, 94,302/.35= $269,434. Improvements include all taxable attributes other than the land. Examples include buildings, garages, decks, patios, and fencing.
Mailing Date Assessment cards are mailed to each property every December. Property owners will also get a card in July if there is any change in value from December through June. This would include, but not be limited to, a change in the exemption status or new construction. Cards are not generated due to ownership changes.
Personal Property This is any personal property valued on the secured roll. This may include a manufactured home or personal property associated with a business located on the indicated parcel.
Taxable Total This is the assessed total divided by 35%. For example, 179,274/.35= $512,211. This is the assessor's equivalent to market value. By statute this value cannot exceed actual market value.