How to Question an Assessment

If, in your opinion, the taxable value of your property shown on the Notice of Assessment seems excessive, or you have any questions, call or come to our office immediately and speak with an appraiser. More often than not your question or problem can be taken care of at this level. The county Assessor must, upon the request of the property owner furnish, within 15 days, a copy of the most recent appraisal of the property. The depreciation tables and cost indexes used can also be obtained by contacting our office. A reasonable fee is allowed to be charged for copying the information.

If you are unable to resolve your problem you can appeal to the County Board of Equalization to adjust your property's assessed value. For the specific time frames for real or personal property appeals see below. The appeal forms may be obtained by contacting our office or the Nevada Department of Taxation.

The role of the Assessor concerns property valuations, not property taxes or tax rates. Questions concerning your tax rates or taxes should be directed to your locally elected officials.