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Douglas County Planning Department has been taking all major submittals in electronically, with the actual hard copy submittal and payment to follow. Doing this has allowed the Planning Department to determine if the submittal is complete with minimal contact.  The actual review time does not commence until we have accepted the application fee. To ensure accurate submittals for Planning, please complete the following:

    1)  Make a digital appointment with the Development Coordinator
    2)  Submit electronically via a file sharing program (ie Dropbox, etc) to the above email address by the appointment time given to you by the Development Coordinator. Planning staff will do a cursory review and respond to your electronic submittal with the required fees and hard copies that are needed. At this time we only ask for the 2 page application, noticing envelopes (if applicable) and 1 copy of plans.
    3)  For “Re-submittals” submit electronic files(s) to the Development Coordinator.
    4)  Temporary and minor applications can be submitted at the Public Counter or digitally by emailing the Planning Department. If sent digitally, planning staff will respond to your electronic submittal with the required fees and hard copies that are needed. If submitted at the counter, please check in via the tablet in the lobby of the Minden Inn.

What We Do

The Planning Division is responsible for protecting the public health, safety, and general welfare of Douglas County residents and property owners by reviewing development proposals to insure compliance with the Douglas County Master Plan (2020) and related zoning and land division regulations contained in the Consolidated Development Code (Title 20). The Planning Division provides the staff support for the Douglas County Planning Commission.

Master Plan

The Land Use Element of the Douglas County Master Plan (2020) contains the future land uses for Douglas County. Douglas County has regional and community plans which cover all 737.7 square miles of the county, There are 5 regional plans and 17 community plans in Douglas County. The future land use for each area or an individual parcel may be viewed here.


There are 26 base zoning districts and 8 zoning overlay districts in Douglas County. Each zoning district regulates the type and intensity of land uses permitted in each district. The Douglas County Official Zoning Maps may be viewed here.

Additional Information

For information on land uses or development regulations in Douglas County, please contact the Planning Technician at 775-782-6217 or email the Planning Department.

The Public Counter is located on the second floor of the Minden Inn in Room 202.

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm 

Email the Planning Department



Helpful links:

Application & Fees

Master Plan (Land Use)

Title 20 - Development Regulations

Floodplain Information

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Planning Division
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