VHR Permit Waitlist

Effective, June 15, 2023, Douglas County will use a waitlist process as defined below.

*Neighborhoods with available permits will not have to follow this waitlist process.

Waitlist Definition:
Full neighborhoods where no permits are available. The waitlist is administered, first come first serve. 

Full Neighborhoods as of June 6, 2023 are:
Kingsbury Pine
Lake Village

Lincoln Park
Manzanita Heights

Stanford Square
Tahoe Beach Club
Upper Kingsbury Single Family
Upper Kingsbury Multi Family

Waitlist Process
Applicants can join the waitlist and will be invited to apply based on availability. 

*Please note Douglas County created an online registration and application guide to assist applicants with completing this process. Applicants will need to register first before applying. 
Click here to view the guide

Waitlist Selection:

Douglas County staff will verify that each of the applications on the waitlist are not currently being advertised or rented.  If an applicant has been identified as advertising the unit for rent without first obtaining a permit they will be notified and removed from the waitlist.  

VHR waitlist applications
Applications may be submitted online. The fee to apply to be on the waitlist is $100 plus a $4 technology assessment fee ($104 total). The fee is good for 12 months.  **Subject to change

For questions about the VHR waitlist, please call 775-782-9037.