Community Grant

What are Community Grants?

Under Nevada law, the Board of County Commissioners may award grant funding to non-profit community organizations that provide a substantial benefit to the residents of the County.
NRS 244.1505 states that a Board of County Commissioners may grant or donate monies to a non-profit organization created for religious, charitable, or educational purposes, or to a government entity, for any purpose which will provide a substantial benefit to the inhabitants of the County. These grants must be awarded by resolution.

To qualify for funding an organization is required to submit a completed application to Douglas County with the following:
* Organization information (i.e. history, mission, the geographical area served)
* Organization’s financial information (i.e. availability of alternate funding, financial statements)
* Information regarding the program/project the requested funding will be used for
* The results achieved from any prior year’s grant funding that was received (if applicable)

How Community Grants are Funded
General Fund 
During the budget process, the Board of County Commissioners approves a budget for the Community Grant Program from the available one-time, adjusted opening fund balance, resulting from prior fiscal year savings. As such, funds may increase, decrease, or be eliminated based on available financial resources.
Social Services Indigent Fund
Social Services funds include a dedicated tax rate which must be awarded to benefit the County’s indigent population. During the budget process, a portion of these funds is budgeted for the Community Grant Program.

How the Program Has Evolved
Community Grant Committee
During Fiscal Year 2015-16, the community grant committee was assembled to review applications and provide a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners. The grant committee consists of one social services staff, one finance staff, and one staff from the County Manager's Office. During Fiscal Year 2020-2021 the community grant committee recommended updating the policy and procedures, to include program forms, to improve the expectations and consistency of the program.
2021-2022 brought continued improvements with awardee training.
2022-2023 The Awardee Success Page was born. Information from the awardees regarding the success of their projects is viewable to the public.
2023-2024 Applications will be open February 17, 2023 and awarded prior to the fiscal year start in July. There will be a webinar explaining grant changes: program overview, evaluation criteria, application requirements and forms as well as answering questions. 

How are the funds awarded?
A committee is assembled each year that evaluates all applications in accordance with the assigned criteria. Any grant awards are allocated based on available funding for that fiscal year. The committee presents its recommendations to the Audit Committee which reviews and either accepts or rejects the Community Grant Committee's recommendations.  The final step is with the Board of County Commissioners, where the recommendations are considered by the Board and the public is able to provide comments. Once a final consensus is reached, a resolution is presented as passed. Awardees are then notified.

How do you apply?

The grant submission application period for FY2023-2024 will open February 17, 2023. If your community non-profit organization is interested in applying, please check back as more information becomes available. You will be able to access the application through the FY2023-24 link, when available. 

Application Community Grant FY2022-23 

The following documents are required to be attached to the application: 
organizational chart
most recent Federal Income Tax Return or 990
most recent Financial Statement
the organization’s current budget
completed Assurances Signature document

Applicants are required to thoroughly review this website along with 
Douglas County Policy 100.08 Community Grants Program and the Douglas County FY2018-22 Strategic Plan before submitting their application.

FY20-21 Recommendation Report

FY21-22 Recommendation Report

What is the timeline to apply for Fiscal Year 2023-2024 funding?

Applications will be available February 17, 2023

Eligibility - Douglas County non- profit organizations 

Date to be determined - Required Funding Opportunity Webinar (registration is required)

FY2022-23 Funding period is now closed.

April 2022 – Grant Committee to review applications in preparation for grant recommendations to be presented to the Audit Committee and Board of County Commissioners

May 2022 – Present recommendations to IRC

June 2022 Presented to  Audit Committee for review and recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners

July 2022 – Present recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners for approval

June/July 2022 - Award notifications

Community Grant Forms

Assurance Signature Form
Notice of Funding Availability
Grant Report Form

Community Grant Subrecipient Trainings
Reimbursement and Reporting
Funding Opportunity Training

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?
Phone:           (775) 782-9029
Email:             [email protected]