Emergency On-Call Sewer Utility Contractor

Emergency On-Call Sewer Utility Contractor

Posted on: 1800/01/01


Bid Documents

Douglas County has needs for Contractors to provide on-call Emergency support for the Sewer Utility. Douglas County Utilities owns and operates the North Valley Wastewater System within Carson Valley. The Contractor will support the Sewer Utility to perform unanticipated repairs such as sanitary sewer overflows, Sewer Lift Station emergencies, collection system emergencies, and other emergency services. The service period will begin on execution of the contract and run for an initial term of thirty-six months. The annual not-to-exceed amount for the contract is $99,000 per fiscal year (July 1 to June 30). The Agreement that will be used for contracting resulting from this “Request For Statements Of Qualifications” is attached as Exhibit A. All work shall conform with Douglas County Standards and all applicable State and Federal regulations.



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