Team to Assess Damage from Tamarack Fire

Douglas County Assembles Team to Assess Damage from Tamarack Fire
Posted on 07/24/2021
Douglas County Assembles Team to Assess Damage from Tamarack FireMinden, NV –Douglas County is currently conducting preliminary exterior damage assessments of structures including homes, outbuildings, wellhouses and barns in areas where fire activity has been observed. All evacuations for Douglas County remain in place and 395 remains closed for public safety concerns. A preliminary survey of the area south of Leviathan Mine Road determined that 13 structures have been damaged or lost. During this first phase of damage assessments, teams consisting of Douglas County Building Inspectors and East Fork Fire Protection District personnel will work with the County’s GIS department to verify which structures and areas have been impacted and to notify property owners as soon as possible. Areas with known damage will be prioritized for assessment first.

An initial survey of damage conducted on July 23rd by East Fire Protection District determined:

The following areas NOT currently impacted by fire damage include:

• Topaz Ranch Estates
• Topaz Lake
• Other areas north of Leviathan Mine Road

The following areas require further damage assessments which will be ongoing for at least the next 72 hours:

• Areas South of Leviathan Mine Road
• Holbrook (this area is still being evaluated)

*** Douglas County is preparing a damage assessment map of the area and will release as soon as possible.

“This fire has presented some significant challenges like no other I have seen for some time. The weather conditions and fuel density in most areas have led to some very erratic and dangerous conditions” said East Fork Fire Protection District Fire Chief Tod Carlini “I want to extend my appreciation to area residents impacted by the fire for their cooperation and to all the fire suppression personnel who have been assembled to fight this bi-state fire. I also want to extend my appreciation to all those personnel who have been staffing and managing evacuation shelters in both Gardnerville and at Smith Valley High School in Lyon County. The community, service club, and faith-based groups that have helped in this effort are amazing. Our priorities remain the safety of the public and fire suppression personnel, to see that the fire is extinguished, and to begin a recovery, which includes re-populating evacuated areas when it is safe to do so.”

No evacuations have been lifted. Some, but not all, of the factors that need to be considered before any evacuations can be lifted are:
• Amount of fire personnel still working in an area and the type of work being performed.
• Damage to roads/guardrails, etc. that must be repaired prior to allowing public access.
• Removal of trees or large debris impacting the roadway.
• Damage to utility infrastructure that must be repaired prior to allowing public access (e.g., clearing power lines from roadways, replacing downed power poles, etc.).
• Public health considerations.

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