Road Closure Announcement Centerville Road

Road Closure Announcement Centerville Road
Posted on 09/29/2020
Road Closure Announcement Centerville Road

Minden, NV- Centerville Road will be closed from Hwy 88 to foothill Rd. from October 5, 2020 to October 9, 2020 from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. The road will be closed to a private contractor for construction of three culvert crossings that require use of the full width of the roadway.

During this work period, through access on Centerville Lane will be lost at the culvert location shown on the backside of this notice. Starting on 10/05/2020, we will be working on culvert #2, located on the eastside of the project (1000ft from Hwy 88, please see attached map). Properties that are located east of this crossing will be able to access their homes/properties from the Hwy 88 roundabout. Properties that are located west of this crossing will need to follow the detour to Mottsville Lane to Foothill Rd to then access Centerville Lane from the west side.

This work will last a minimum of 5 days. It includes the removal of the existing culvert crossing, the placement of new reinforced box culvert pieces, the installation of headwalls, the backfill the boxes and then paving back the roadway section.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this project, you may contact the following:
• Claire Schreckenberger, Project Engineer – SNC (775) 360-0161
• Emma Crossman, Project Manager – SNC (775) 432-8219
• Jon Erb, Project Manager – Douglas County (775) 782-6233