Evaluating Economic Impacts

Evaluating Economic Impacts and Discussing Reopening
Posted on 04/21/2020
Evaluating Economic Impacts  and Discussing Reopening

Minden, NV -Douglas County public officials are planning for the reopening and economic recovery of Douglas County. 

 “The measures implemented by the State and Federal governments to fight the spread of COVID-19 have devastated our economy, with mass layoffs and closures of long standing businesses.  Some will never reopen.  It’s time to get back to work,” said Patrick Cates, Douglas County Manager.  “Five days ago, I was encouraged to learn of the White House’s framework for reopening the economy.” 

Douglas County continues to work closely with the East Fork Fire District acting as Emergency Manager, Carson City Health and Human Services acting as Douglas County’s health authority, healthcare providers, businesses and our other Quad County partners to keep the community safe from the spread of COVID-19. 

“Our people are doing the right things, following CDC guidelines and emergency directives.  It shows in our numbers with very low rates of infection,” said Patrick Cates. “Douglas County is preparing for recovery.”  

Through the Economic Vitality Program, Douglas County leadership has been working with the local chambers of commerce, visitor’s authorities and business associations at both the lake and the valley to help businesses through these difficult times.  “Consultation on directives, SBA loan coordination, and promoting plans for business recovery have been foremost in our efforts to help the business community,” said Lisa Granahan, Economic Vitality Coordinator. 

The economic impacts of the COVID-19 emergency measures directly affect county budgets.  “In March, I ordered a hiring freeze and a halt to all non-essential spending,” said Cates. The county is in the process of re-estimating revenues and developing plans for significant reductions in expenditures for next fiscal year.  The County Commission will be reviewing those budget proposals next month. 

“This situation is not sustainable economically or fiscally,” said Cates. “We are planning for a Douglas County specific approach to restart the local economy, building resiliency and prosperity as quickly as possible.” Douglas County continues to work with local partners and to comply with both State and Federal emergency directives and is prepared to resume normal business when the time comes. 

A webpage for resources available to those who may be impacted by COVID -19 in Douglas County can be found here.

For the most current updates and more information on COVID-19 click here. 

We are encouraging residents who are symptomatic to call Carson City Health and Human Services Hotline phone number at (775) 283-4789. Only call 9-1-1 if there is a true emergency.