Douglas County Prepares for Aug 8 Protest

Douglas County Prepares for Planned Protest on August 8, 2020
Posted on 08/03/2020
Douglas County Prepares for Planned Protest on August 8, 2020Minden, Nevada- Douglas County is actively preparing for planned protest at the Judicial Law Enforcement Center (JLEC) on August 08, 2020 from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has proactively established free space (shown on map) to accommodate anyone who arrives for the protest. We are asking people to prepare for a possible shortage of parking at the JLEC building and to consider other options of parking. Water Street will be closed to provide additional space for a free speech zone. We are asking the public to please move all motor vehicles by 6:00 am August 8, 2020 from Water Street.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) has been in contact with groups who have shown interest in attending the August 8th, 2020 demonstration at the JLEC and wish to exercise their First Amendment Rights.
“Our office has openly encouraged every group to exercise their rights in a peaceful manner without reservation,” said Sheriff Dan Coverley. “Our office has spoken with representatives from interested parties to discuss differences and build confidence that attendees want a peaceful event with no harm to persons or property.“

A map to show the areas of free speech, motor vehicle parking, and media staging can be viewed here.

The red area shown on the map, will be fenced off. This is a no access area; please do not enter the area or you will be subject to the trespassing law.

There will be an 8-foot blocked off area from the two main doorways leading to the JLEC for everyone’s safety. This area will be clearly marked and the public will not be allowed passed the barricades, unless authorized by law enforcement personnel.

Douglas County officials would like to remind residents that public sentiment, comments and rumors on social media platforms are opinions and not the official source of information. Any information concerning this protest will receive official correspondence from county leaders on official DCSO or County letterhead.

Official information and updates will be posted to the Douglas County and Sheriff’s Websites. The official page is located here.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is also working proactively with Douglas County Emergency Management, Douglas County Staff and elected officials to ensure the safety of Douglas County residents, visitors and businesses. There will also be active patrols though out Douglas County to protect business and residential areas.

“I believe that everyone can actively voice their concerns with civility and the safety of our community, visitors and residents is and always has been our number one priority,” said Sheriff Dan Coverley.