Community Development Launches Online Scheduling

Douglas County Community Development Launches Online Scheduling System
Posted on 04/19/2021
Douglas County Community Development Launches Online Scheduling SystemMinden, NV. – Douglas County is pleased to announce the launch of QLess, an appointment scheduling and queue management system. This software will be used in Community Development which will allow the public to submit or pick up permit applications, assess plan review or ask general questions.

“The QLess system will help to modernize the permitting process and allow residents, employees, and business owners to be more productive and efficient with their time, while providing an improved opportunity for our staff to communicate with our customers,” said Tom Dallaire, Director of Community Development.

QLess is a software program designed to give customers the option to remotely sign in to a queue. This allows customers to use their time for other activities while still being in line. Once signed in, QLess will send text messages updating the customer’s wait time and allow them to move back in the line if they can’t be there in time for their appointment. Those who sign in on location will be given an estimated wait time, allowing them to leave and come back if necessary.

“QLess is much like software designed to allow you to sign in to a restaurant’s waiting list before you arrive,” said Dallaire. “The great thing about the program is that it will adapt as more people use the system, providing even more accurate wait times for customers. This is one of many ways in which we are working to makes the permitting process as user-friendly and convenient as possible.”

QLess is available on both Android and iOS devices or can be accessed via Community Development is located on the second floor of the Minden Inn, 1594 Esmeralda Ave. Minden, NV 89423.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, visit our website at: