Community Centers Install Air Systems

Community Centers Install High Flow Air Filtration and Purification Systems
Posted on 11/03/2020
Community Centers Install High Flow Air Filtration and Purification SystemsMinden, NV- The Douglas County Community & Senior Center (DCCSC) and the Kahle Community Center (KCC) are pleased to announce the installation of an industrial high flow air filtration/purification system at both Community Center locations.

Maintaining a hygienic and sanitary environment are vital to the continued success of our community centers. The use of supplemental air purification systems is extremely important in reducing the risk of infections, by combating air borne pathogens including the COVID 19 virus insuring the safety and well-being of Community Center guests.

In addition to our current mitigation policies and proven safety procedures, “Camfil’s Clean Air Solutions” will help to eliminate infectious airborne contaminants within our facilities. These high efficiency air filtration systems are designed to filter out biological pollutants and particulate matter carried by the airstream, thus preventing the contaminants from recirculating back into the gymnasiums.

The ventilation systems are intended for higher circulation indoor areas where people congregate. The incorporated HEPA filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air filters) have been proven over decades to help control the spread of airborne particles and organisms such as viruses, smoke and bacteria. These HEPA filtration systems are rated 5-star when evaluated per energy cost index for superior performance, energy and sustainability.

“Our continued efforts to improve our systems through active compliance and modern technology insure that we are able to continue operating and serving the population of Douglas County during these unprecedented times with fewer operational disruptions, lower energy costs, and enhanced preparedness and protection strategies,” said Scott Morgan, Director of Community Services.