Board of County Commissioners To Review Process

Board of County Commissioners To Review Process of Master Plan Map Update
Posted on 08/23/2019
Board of County Commissioners To Review Process of Master Plan Map Update MindenOn August 6, 2019, the Board of County Commissioners (Board) approved Resolution 2019R-039 which outlined the 2019 update to the Douglas County Master Plan. The Resolution included the relocation/change in land use for approximately 1,044 acres of Receiving Area from the Topaz Ranch Estates Community Plan to the Minden/Gardnerville Community Plan owned by Park Ranch Holdings. The Board also heard Ordinance 2019-1556, an ordinance adopting a development agreement between Park Ranch Holdings LLC and Douglas County. The Development Agreement secured the dedication of portions of the Muller Parkway right-of-way, and capped the total number of possible homes to be developed in the newly identified receiving area from more than 16,000 homes to no more than 2,500 homes.

Following approval by the Board on August 6, 2019, the County received a significant amount of public comment and additional correspondence expressing concerns about the process that prompted the District Attorney, County Manager and Director of Community Development to confer and determine if re-evaluation and reconsideration of the items by the Board were warranted. In response to the concerns received from citizens about the process followed during the August 6, 2019, meeting, the Board will consider an agenda item to possibly re-agendize both items on September 5, 2019.

On September 5, 2019, the Board will either accept a final report from the Planning Commission finalizing the adoption of Resolution 2019R-039 or, alternatively, receive and file the Planning Commission's report and rescind Resolution 2019R-039, and direct the Community Development Department to re-agendize the Douglas County 20-Year Master Plan Update. The Board will also discuss the possible reconsideration of the Park Ranch Holdings LLC Development Agreement.

“We reviewed the process, and the master plan map amendments, to make sure the proposed changes were clear, concise and easy for the public to understand. We recognize we have opportunities to improve on what was done,” said Tom Dallaire. “If the Board decides to reconsider, we will be seeking further public input and will make that announcement following the September 5th meeting.”

The Agenda for the September 5, 2019, Board of County Commissioners meeting will be published by 9:00 a.m. three business days prior to the meeting and can be viewed on the County’s website, here.

“The Master Plan is a document which we value and believe is of great importance to the future of Douglas County,” said Patrick Cates, Douglas County Manager. “We heard our citizens and we have a responsibility to ensure the public’s confidence in staff and the process.”

Any questions and concerns regarding this information can be directed to the County Manager’s Office (775) 782-9821.