$5 per night surcharge

$5 per Night Surcharge to all Hotel Rooms and other Transient Lodging Accommodations Within the Lake Tahoe Township Area of Douglas County
Posted on 07/02/2019

As a result of Senate Bill 461, a new law went into effect July 1, 2019 which will add a $5 per night surcharge to all hotel rooms and other transient lodging accommodations within the Lake Tahoe Township area of Douglas County.  This surcharge is in addition to all other currently imposed transient lodging taxes.

The surcharge will be collected by Douglas County and distributed to the Tahoe-Douglas Visitor’s Authority (TDVA).  TDVA is a separate legal entity from Douglas County.  TDVA was created by the Nevada Legislature in 1997 to address the unique tourism and financial related needs of the Tahoe Township.  The surcharge proceeds will primarily be used by TDVA to help pay for the planning, construction, and operation of an events center at Stateline.  The surcharge proceeds can also be used by TDVA for the advertising, publicizing and promotion of tourism and recreation within the Tahoe Township.

To access more information and detail on paying the new surcharge, which includes submitting payments via HOST (electronic payment) or by paper, please visit the Douglas County Finance Department webpage.

All current transient lodging tax payers will receive a courtesy notice of the change from Douglas County and a revised Transient Occupancy & License Tax Return, which reflects the new $5 per night surcharge within the Tahoe Township.  Recipients will be asked to mail the original completed return along with a copy to Douglas County and keep an additional copy for their records.  The return form can be accessed on the Douglas County website here.

All transient lodging property owners are obligated to collect and remit the $5 per night surcharge for any bookings made July 1st or later. 

If you have any questions, please contact Arsenio Escudero, Finance Office at 775-782-9029 or by email AEscudero@douglasnv.us.