Vacation Home Rental Task Force

Task Force Members

Tom Brooks
Lauren Romain
Dan Aynesworth
Dana Reed
Kevin Kjer
Steve Teshara
Natalie Yanish
Carol Chaplin
Mickie Hempler
Bill Chernock
Jan Vandermade
Ben Johnson
John Zemlock
Margaret Pross
Ralph Tognetti


Early 2017: the Board identified a need to consider amendments to County Code regarding short-term rentals (See, Initiative 3.7 of the County's Strategic Plan).

March 15, 2018: Community Development sought direction from the Board during an open meeting on how the short-term rental ordinance should be revised; Board advised staff to consider expanding VHR program beyond the
Tahoe Township.

March-June 2018: Staff researched VHR ordinances in other jurisdictions and gathered data on enforcement best practices.

 June 18, 2018: Community Development hosted a VHR workshop at Harrah's in Stateline to solicit public feedback.

 July 10, 2018: Planning Commission recommended approval of Ordinance 2018-1515 with modifications to the draft presented by staff which would continue to preclude VHRs outside the Tahoe Township.

August 2, 2018: Community Development attempted to introduce Ordinance 2018-1515 at the BOCC meeting, however the Board does not vote to introduce the Ordinance. Staff is directed to return with a simplified ordinance placing the VHR chapter into Title 20 (from Title 5) with substantive changes limited to fines/specific public nuisance provisions.

August 16, 2018: Ordinance 2018-1520 is introduced; Data from businesses is received for business impact purposes; Contract with Host Compliance for VHR software and service/support is approved; Citation authority is granted to the Senior Code Enforcement Officer by resolution.

September 6, 2018: Ordinance 2018-1520 is enacted and the business impact statement is approved; Staff is directed to conduct additional public outreach, specifically with respect to whether VHRs should be allowed outside of the Tahoe Township.

September 19, 2018:
Community Development hosted a VHR workshop at the CVIC Hall to disseminate information on the new ordinance and solicit additional public feedback.

October 2018: Online survey conducted through OpenGov regarding VHRs in Douglas County.

November 1, 2018: Host Compliance launches Phase 1, which includes 24/7 telephone hotline, online reporting and identification of unpermitted VHRs.

November 2018:
Cease and desist letters are mailed to owners whose properties have been identified by Host Compliance as operating unpermitted VHRs. VHR permit applications are enclosed with the warning letters for thoseproperties within the Tahoe Township and owners are directed to Douglas County Code chapter 20.622 for the new VHR ordinance/rules.

November 6-7, 2018: Results of the VHR online survey were made available to the public and the Board; over 1,000 responses received. The summary of the survey results we provided to the Board along with the press release containing a survey outcome statement and analysis of the results by staff.

November 15, 2018: the Board was provided an update regarding the implementation of Host Compliance and Vacation Home Rentals in Douglas County. After thoughtful deliberation and consideration of public comment the Board provided direction to the County Manager to create a citizen's advisory committee or task-force to provide the Board with additional input regarding Vacation Home Rentals in Douglas County.


The purpose of the VHR task force was defined by the Douglas County Board of County Commissioners during their board meeting on January 24, 2019. The purpose of the task force is “To assist the County Manager with drafting recommendations regarding the administration and regulation of Vacation Home Rentals in Douglas County in a way which would balance the rights of the property owner with the rights of the neighbors.”

Douglas County Code 

County Code  (DCC 20.622)  

Reference Materials Used by the Taskforce to Make their Recommendations 

Short-term Rental White Paper, Mountain Housing Council, March 2019

Socioeconomic Impacts of Vacation Home Rentals in South Lake Tahoe, prepared Michael Baker International, June 2017

Binder of Materials provided to the VHR Taskforce

Board Meetings and Documents 

All meetings listed below include action or discussion concerning VHRS

Planning Commission Meeting July 10, 2018 

BOCC Meeting August 2. 2018 
BOCC Meeting August 16, 2018 
BOCC Meeting September 6, 2018
BOCC Meeting November 15, 2018
OCC Meeting January 24, 2018
BOCC Meeting October 15, 2020 County Manager Presentation and Recommendations

Summary Report of VHR Task Force Recommendations 

Vacation Rental Survey Results (Public Comments from Survey)

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