Rock Wall

The Douglas County Climbing Wall is located in the Community and Senior Center officially opened on October 17, 2021. The hours of operation are the same as the center. 

The wall features multiple diverse routes per line, crack features throughout the rope wall, and a signature roof crack on the bouldering arch. We have installed 8 top ropes with 5 auto belay mechanisms and a viewing area on the second floor. 

Drop In Rock Wall Prices:
Youth & Teens
 (6th-12th grades) $5 a day
Seniors & College Students $5 a day
Adults $7 a day
Shoe Rental $3 per person (climbing shoes are required)

You must be a member, or pay a drop-in fee to enter the facility.
Bouldering is free for all ages. 

The Story:
The Douglas County Climbing Wall is lovingly called Badger Mountain and is a state of the art, world-class facility that integrates technical rock climbing with an emphasis on recreational health and fitness for all ages and abilities. 

Badger Mountain boasts 1790 square feet of rope climbing and 880 square feet of bouldering, for a total of 2670 square feet of diverse climbing surface (top rope, auto-belay, and bouldering) with an emphases and designated times and areas for "family climbing". 

Badger Mountain will likely become the centerpiece of the 50,000 square foot Community and Senior Center. Rock climbing has been proven to help increase self-esteem, self-efficiency, and confidence and have positive effects on anxiety, ADHD, depression, and cognition in the social domain.  

Badger Mountain is a 40 foot man made structure produced exclusively for the Douglas County Community and Senior Center by Entre Prises, one of the world's leading manufacture of climbing wall creations located in Bend, Oregon. 

This is also the only climbing wall in the United States that features a badger hole with resident badger prepared to insult your climbing skills if you get near the den. 

The structure is embedded within the Douglas County Community and Recreation Center. There is a fitness and weightlifting area just above the rock-climbing facility that includes cardio, free weights, indoor track, machine weights, and physical therapy equipment. The center also offers multiple health, wellness, and fitness classes under the same roof that complement the active lifestyles of the rock-climbing community. 

Rock Wall