Evacuation preparation reminders for residents

Evacuation preparation reminders for Douglas County residents
Posted on 09/01/2021
Evacuation preparation reminders for Douglas County residentsMinden, Nev. – Now that evacuation procedures are in place, emergency managers are issuing the following reminders for residents of Douglas County:

• Stay calm and be ready. Make sure your go-kit is ready and in your car or next to your home’s exit. Staying calm and being proactive is the best thing you can do. While you await alerts, make sure your household, family members and neighbors understand what to do if you need to quickly evacuate.
• Keep devices on and pay attention for emergency alerts. In the event of a mandatory evacuation, officials will send loud alert warnings via wireless emergency alerts (on your mobile phone) and emergency alerts (on cable television and local radio stations). Keep your phone on, charged, and nearby.
• Register for reverse 911. Sign up for Reverse 911 updates from Douglas County.
• Listen for a knock at the door. Should evacuation warnings escalate to mandatory evacuations, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, along with Search and Rescue will be coming door to door to make notifications or you will receive an emergency notification on your phone. Patrol units are actively in the areas of the mandatory and warning zones ensuring the safety of vacant neighborhoods and remaining ready to assist areas currently in the warning zones.
• Stay aware of your surroundings. Fire behavior can change, and residents are encouraged to remain vigilant, have a plan and be aware of their surroundings.

As a reminder, an evacuation warning means there is a high probability of a near future need to evacuate. This is the time to pack necessary items, prepare family, animals, and vehicles for departure. Anyone with mobility or medical issues should begin evacuating during this time. An evacuation order is a lawful order to leave by a specified period of time, using pre-designated routes. This is the time to take your family, pets, and necessary items including medications and important papers and evacuate now.

View the Douglas County website or Facebook page for current evacuation warnings and orders.