Youth Camp Boy’s Program Temporarily Closes

China Spring Youth Camp Boy’s Program Temporarily Closes
Posted on 06/09/2021
China Spring Youth Camp Boy’s Program Temporarily Closes

Minden, NV- On May 24, 2021 the Director of China Spring Youth Camp, Wendy Garrison and Douglas County District Court Judge, Nathan Tod Young made the difficult decision to temporarily close the boy’s program at China Spring Youth Camp due to financial and staffing instability.

China Spring is well respected across Nevada as a trusted youth residential treatment program, serving the entire state, excluding Clark County. The Camp is dedicated to helping male and female, mid-level offenders between the ages of 12 and 18 develop skills, knowledge and experience to promote health and resiliency, and arrest progression of problems caused by delinquent behavior. As an integral part of the juvenile justice system, the camp provides behavioral health services to youth and their families. On average the boys program serves 110-120 juveniles annually.

“This was not an easy decision to make and one that came after we had exhausted all other options. We will continue to access possibilities which allow us to preserve line staff, keep beds available and continue all operations,” said Wendy Garrison, Director of Juvenile Camp Services.

The Camp is operated by Douglas County and funded with a combination of state, local government, and Medicaid contributions. During the current fiscal year, which ends in June, the Camp saw a major decline in Medicaid funding due to a decrease in placements caused by the impacts of COVID-19. As part of the 2021 Legislative Session, the Governor proposed a $1.2 million cut in State funding.  Due to the work of State Legislators and juvenile justice stakeholders, the Legislature agreed to reduce that cut to just under $400,000 next year. Despite these efforts to reallocate resources, there is still work to be done to ensure the camp is adequately staffed and fiscally stable. The temporary closure of the boys’ program is an opportunity for the Camp and Douglas County to continue to come up with a sustainable plan to ensure long-term success.

As part of the negotiations at the Legislature, the Nevada Association of Counties (NACO) will be convening a stakeholder working group in June to discuss the future of the camp. Membership will include representatives from the 16 counties, District Court judges, and the Legislature.  This group will review and discuss Camp programming, governance, reporting, and funding. 

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