"In God We Trust" Display Installed

"In God We Trust" Display Installed in the Board of County Commissioners Chambers
Posted on 12/17/2020
"In God We Trust" Display Installed in the Board of County Commissioners ChambersMinden, NV- On December 10, 2020 The Douglas County Board of County Commissioners’ installed an “In God We Trust” Display in the Board Chamber. At the October 3, 2019, Board meeting, the County Commissioners' approved Resolution 2019R-061 supporting the display of the national motto in the Board Chambers. Commissioner Larry Walsh introduced the idea of implementing a display of the patriotic motto and in July of 2020, commissioner Walsh chose a design and requested that County commission candidate (Commissioner Elect) Mark Gardner solicit funding for the project.

"In these turbulent and troubling times, it’s only fitting that we recognize and fortify the very principle upon which our country was founded, “said Larry Walsh, Vice Chairman of the Douglas County Board of County Commissioners. “We here in Douglas County are extremely proud to display our National Motto and reinforce that our God is the guiding light of our county and country. I am honored to be a part of this effort. This National Motto display was paid entirely from private funds, and I want to thank Mark Gardner for volunteering to spur the effort and raise a portion of the funds which were contributed by the good citizens of Douglas County."

Mr. Gardner contacted the Carson Valley Art's Council who willing took on the responsibility of receiving donations for the display. By August 2020, Mr. Gardner had raised $552 independently, which he presented to the Carson Valley Art's Council. The Carson Valley Art’s Council collected all funds for the project and no public funds were used.

After Resolution 2019R-061 was adopted, the County Manager's Office worked on receiving quotes for the display. YESCO, LLC designed the display and the display includes the Douglas County Logo along with the metal words ‘In God We Trust.’

Pictured in photo:
Left to right. Mark Gardner Commissioner Elect, Larry Walsh Commissioner, Sharon Schlegel and Brian Fitzgerald from the Carson Valley Arts Council.


In God We Trust Installation