VHR Permit FAQ's

Can I lose my VHR permit?
Yes, If two or more upheld citations have been issued for violations of the County Code at the vacation home rental property within any twenty-four (24) month period, the VHR permit will be revoked. Upheld citations mean citations which were neither overturned on appeal nor dismissed.
Will my VHR Permit automatically renew every year?
NO, you are responsible for renewal of your VHR each year prior to expiration. An inspection will be required for all renewals. As of July 1, 2019 all inspections will be done by Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District. You may go here to schedule an inspection: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=15298416 Taxes must be reported even if no income was generated. Online renewal: https://safe.hostcompliance.com/douglas-county-nv/permit-registration/welcome
What can my Property Management Company do on my behalf?
Your Property Management Company must be a Nevada Licensed State Realtor. They have the ability to request inspections, pay the permit, renewal fees, and pay the TOT (Transient Occupancy Tax). The owner must sign the original application and each renewal.
Do I need a Bear Box or Bear Proof Container?
Yes, at all VHR locations a Bear Proof container is required. Click http://www.southtahoerefuse.com/ for information on the Bear Box loan program, bear legal containers and Bear Box Application.
Bear Box Loan Program
Bear Box Loan Application
Bear Box Loan Information
Do I need an inspection to get a VHR Permit?
Yes, please request one online https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=15298416 or call the Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District at 775.588.3591

Life Safety Inspection Checklist for VHR:
• Grip-able handrails, inside and out
• Smoke CO detectors installed at the entrance/main living/hallways (and tested)
• Smoke detectors installed in every bedroom (and tested)
• Deck railings must have less than 4” width between rails
• Hot tubs installed with auto shut off and locks, safety rules posted
• Balconies/decks no charcoal bbq’s.
• If smoking is allowed, metal ash cans with lids must be provided
• Ingress/egress of all doorways not blocked
• Bedrooms have legal ingress/egress (windows/doors)
• Fire extinguishers on every floor (labeled access)
• Addresses are clear and visible on the outside of the home
• Permit is posted (near the front door)
• Emergency numbers are posted
• Breaker box/electrical panel
• For 3-story units; rope ladder affixed/permanent
• Escape plan for egress/emergency disaster plan
• Storage of combustible materials
• Wood burning fireplaces/stoves
• Other life/health/safety as noticed
What are the fees associated with a VHR Permit?
A new VHR permit is $416, renewal fees are $260, these fees include a 4% technology fee. Inspection fees are $150. Processing fees from our third party vendor apply based on the method of payment. These fees are as of 7/5/2018, please check current fee schedule or call the VHR Division at (775) 782-6214.
How do I report a VHR complaint or an illegal VHR I am aware of?
To make a complaint regarding a Vacation Home Rental please contact our 24/7 hotline 775-234-0404 or go to www.hostcompliance.com/tips.
Will I remain anonymous if I lodge a complaint?
Your information will never be provided to the violator, but we must have your information in order to file your complaint.
What happens if my VHR receives a complaint against it?
If the complaint is founded the owner of the property is notified. Appropriate actions will be taken. Fines or penalties may be imposed.
What are the fines associated with VHR's?
Fines, misdemeanor citations and civil penalties can be issued.