Renewal Process for Existing VHR's

Online Permitting is Here!

Short-term rental hosts are required to register a short-term rental with Douglas County and pay Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) and permitting fees. The County created a website to guide you through the online process of registering as well as submitting the taxes and fees. Staff can help you by phone so you can do  so from your home. Following this process creates a legal way to have a vacation home rental unit. Failure to do so subjects those who illegally host short-term rentals to penalties starting February 1, 2019. 

You must pay all applicable fees associated to obtain a permit and you will be responsible for paying any Transient Occupancy Tax. In order to pay your Transient Occupancy Tax, you must have an active and current permit.

Renewal Process for Existing VHRs

Vacation home rental permits must be renewed on an annual basis prior to expiration by filling out a renewal application and paying the renewal fee and any pertinent taxes. You are responsible to renew your VHR permit each year prior to the expiration. As of July 1, 2019, all renewals will be required to have a passing inspection by Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District. 

You may schedule an inspection here:  or call them 775-588-3591. 

You will not be able to renew your permit without this inspection. This will be required annually upon renewal.  You must pay all current fees and taxes prior to the permits renewal being issued. Taxes must be reported even if no income was generated.  

Renew your registration HERE.  Registration typically takes about 30 minutes to complete. The online FAQ provides guidance on the documents that you will need in order to register.  For questions please contact the Community Development Department at 775-782-6214.  

There is no grace period. Failure to renew and pay the applicable fees prior to expiration will render the vacation home rental permit null and void.  

A vacation home rental permit without changes will be renewed if the following findings are made:  
1. The renewal application is complete and the applicant has complied with the submittal requirements, to include current Fire & Life Safety Inspection.  
2. There have not been two or more upheld citations issued for violations of the County Code at the vacation home rental property within any twenty-four (24) month period. Upheld citations mean citations which were neither overturned on appeal nor dismissed.
3. The vacation home rental permit has not lapsed, expired, been revoked, or suspended. 
4. The vacation home rental is current on transient occupancy taxes and has paid all said taxes in full to the County. Returns must be filed whether rents are received or not. 

Any changes during renewal will require additional review for compliance with applicable code.

VHR permits are valid for one year and expire on the date of their issuance. 

Renewal Permit Fees: 
Credit or Debit Card Payment 
1. Application Fee: $250 + $10 Technology fee 
2. Inspection Fee: $150
3. Card Processor Fee: $12.55 
4.. Total: $422.55

Bank Account (ACH) 
1. Application Fee: $250 + $10 Technology fee
2. ACH Processor Fee: $3.31
3. Inspection Fee: $150
4. Total: $413.31

Refunds for denied applications will only include the amount of payment made minus applicable staff time and processing fees.