Sheriff Asks Public Keep Watch Juvenile Activity

Sheriff Coverley Asks the Public to Stay at Home and Keep Close Watch on Juvenile Activity
Posted on 04/05/2020
Sheriff Coverley Asks the Public to Stay at Home and Keep Close Watch on Juvenile ActivityMinden, Nevada-The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public’s cooperation with the Governor’s directives, is advising everyone to please stay at home and to please keep juveniles under close watch. The Sheriff’s Office has seen an increase in juvenile activity away from the home, and responded to late night juvenile activity last night in the Pinenuts. The Sheriff is asking for parents to keep a close watch on their children after the curfew which in Douglas County is 10:00 pm on the weekdays and midnight on the weekends.

“We cannot express enough the need for everyone to stay at home right now to limit exposure,” said Sheriff Coverley. “Anyone who may be symptomatic could also expose one of our deputies responding and we need to keep our deputies, safe healthy and working to keep you all safe.”

Any juvenile offenders encountered after hours violating the Governor’s directive will be given a citation for any offenses committed to include the Governor’s directive. The parents who allow these violations to occur will also be issued a citation for allowing the violation of the Governor’s directives to occur by their juvenile children.

“We understand these are difficult times for all of us, but now is the time to keep a close watch on your family and commit to keeping everyone safe and at home,” said Sheriff Coverley.

The Sheriff will not be citing anyone during normal hours or out walking, exercising or conducting essential business.


Written by:
Undersheriff Ron Elges
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office