Board of Health


The role of the Douglas County Board of Health is to oversee all sanitary conditions of the county and adopt regulations as may be necessary for the prevention, suppression and control of any contagious or infections disease dangerous to the public health. The committee has four primary characteristics for it to successfully fulfill its obligations: independence, communication, accountability, and oversight.

Board of Health NRS Chapter 439


This is a 7 member board with a 4-year term:

Dr. John Holman, County Health Officer, Chairman

Walt Nowosad, County Commissioner, District 5

Mark Gardner, County Commissioner, District 3

Danny Tarkanian, County Commissioner, District 1

John Engels, County Commissioner, District 2

Wesley Rice, County Commissioner, District 4

Dan Coverley, Douglas County Sheriff

For more information about the Board of Health contact Social Services at 775-782-9825. For information on Food Establishment Inspections contact Mike Oravetz, Douglas County Health Inspector, at 775-283-7504 . For information on Communicable Disease contact Douglas County Community Health or County Epidemiologist at  775-782-9038.