Douglas County Selects Tom Stone as County Manager

Douglas County Selects Tom Stone as County Manager
Posted on 01/12/2019
Douglas County Selects Tom Stone as County Manager

Minden, NV- The Douglas County Board of County Commissioners has selected Tom Stone to fill the County Manager position.


“I’m looking forward to working with all five commissioners and the great staff at Douglas County”, said Tom.  “Seldom in a person's lifetime do they have the opportunity to serve two exceptional counties in two great States.  I am truly honored.”


County Commissioner Chairman Barry Penzel stated, “I am looking forward to working with Tom Stone.  He is a thoughtful, even handed and experienced County Manager with a personal interest and proven commitment to the future of our county.”


Tom served eight years as a County Commissioner in Eagle County, Colorado, the home of Vail Ski Resorts and as the Chief Administrative Officer of Lassen County, California. His extensive experience with water, wildfire and development were prominent considerations in his selection to assist and advise the Commissioners to support Lake Tahoe and the Carson Valley communities.  Tom served on the Governor’s Wildland/Urban Interface Task Force and the Forest Advisory Board, advising the State and local governments, similar to Douglas County, how to protect homes and communities from catastrophic wildfires.  He was a Director of the Colorado River Water Conservation District for six years. The River District is the principal water policy and planning agency for the Colorado River Basin within the State of Colorado that ultimately affects water flow in seven States, including our nations largest reservoir Lake Mead in Clark County, Nevada.   Tom will use his extensive experience to advise the Commissioners on how to best defend our precious water resources and our national treasure, Lake Tahoe.  Tom served in numerous positions to promote economic growth while managing to keep his county rural in nature.


Tom and his wife of 45 years Henri-Karen, have called Douglas County home since 2011.  They have three children living in Australia, California and Connecticut.  Their seven grandchildren range in age from Oliver 5, to Shelbi age 25, serving as a Master at Arms on the aircraft carrier USS George HW Bush. 


In addition to his family, Tom’s passion has been to serve as the President of the Battle Born Mounted Posse.  Riding his Nevada  BLM mustang, Durango, Tom and the Posse provide mounted support at veterans ceremonies, promote respect for law enforcement, award annual scholarships to deserving students and enjoy Holiday visits at Douglas County senior homes on horseback.