Reporting Hotline for Vacation Home Rentals

Report Vacation Home Rentals In Douglas County
Posted on 11/05/2018
Vacation Home Rentals

Douglas County, in cooperation with Host Compliance LLC, has launched a new 24/7 telephone hotline and on-line reporting platform for neighbors to report issues with vacation home rentals. Staffed around the clock, the call center provides a single point of contact for people to report violations and resolve disputes related to vacation home rentals operating in Douglas County. The telephone number for the 24/7 hotline is 775–234–0404. Online access is also available at .


Vacation home rentals operating in violation of Douglas County Code, including properties with disruptive guest behavior, can pose problems for neighbors. Because such issues frequently occur during night and weekend hours, the Board of County Commissioners has established a new 24/7 hotline that enables neighbors to reach an operator who will assess the situation and address problems in real time. The service is intended to ensure the accountability of hosts and guests in Douglas County while conserving law enforcement resources.


Vacation rentals are currently prohibited outside of the Tahoe Township. Douglas County staff conducted an online survey regarding vacation home rentals during the month of October. The survey results are currently being compiled and reviewed by staff, and will be presented to the Board of County Commissioners at their November 15, 2018 meeting. Discussion is expected to include whether the vacation home rental program should be extended to the East Fork Township.


For more information about the Douglas County vacation home rental permit process, or to obtain a copy of Douglas County Code Chapter 20.622, “Vacation Rentals in the Tahoe Township,”  please contact the VHR Division of Community Development at 775-782-6214.