Vacation Home Rental
Posted on 09/20/2018
Minden, NV- The vacation rental issue is undeniably a hot topic in Douglas County. The Douglas County Board of County Commissioners would like to hear your viewpoints on Vacation Home Rentals (short-term rentals) and has launched a survey to allow for public feedback.

In June Douglas County Community Development launched a series of workshops to allow for public feedback and is now providing additional opportunity for residents to voice their opinions regarding Vacation Home Rentals (VHR) in Douglas County.

While some residents wish to use their properties for the purpose of VHR, other residents are concerned that short-term VHRs may and do compromise the high quality lifestyle that Douglas County offers.

Short-term residential rentals are rentals that last less than 30 days. Services such as Airbnb and VRBO allow people to rent all or parts of their homes as alternative travel accommodations that provide homeowners or renters with extra income. These services may benefit homeowners, but there are concerns about the impacts on neighborhoods, including concerns about noise, safety, and traffic.

The County’s zoning code allows short term/vacation rentals (e.g., Airbnb and VRBO) with the issuance of a Vacation Home Rental Permit and are currently limited to the Tahoe Basin (Tahoe Township). In early 2018 the Board discussed the issue of allowing short term rentals countywide, not just within the Lake Tahoe Area.

Douglas County is encouraging all residents to provide feedback.

The survey can be found at https://www.opentownhall.com/portals/123/Issue_6730