Reverse 9-1-1

How Does Reverse 9-1-1 Work?

When natural disasters, community emergencies, or industrial accidents such as wildfire, floods, severe weather, chemical spills, or
police action occur, local emergency officials send alerts through our emergency notification systems. Reverse 911 is the most effective and can target all residents in a community down to a single address.

Why Register?

Reverse 911 can send more precise warnings and instructions no matter where you are if your mobile number and physical address are registered with local Emergency Responders.

Don't Miss Alerts

Do you rely on TV, radio, social media or word of mouth for emergency information? By the time you receive instructions that apply to your area it could be too late. Register your mobile number and physical address with a local Reverse 911 system so you won’t miss critical notifications that only affect you.

To register your cell phone click here

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