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Douglas County GIS Division

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What is GIS?
“GIS” is short for “Geographic Information Systems.” A GIS is a combination of software, data, and hardware used to visualize and analyze spatial data. The term GIS is often more loosely used to include software, data, analysis, and maps related to computerized mapping and geographic analysis.

Who We Are...
Douglas County GIS is one of three divisions of the County’s Technology Services Department. Together with Information Technologies and Communications, we serve the technology needs of Douglas County government (Learn more!). One aspect of the GIS Division that sets us apart, however, is that we also stand ready to provide services directly to the citizens and businesses of Douglas County. So let’s expand on just what all this means…

What We Do...

  • As the primary mapping office for the County, we assemble, create, and maintain a full catalog of county-related spatial data. 
  • We provide public access to most of this information via Web-based mapping applications.
  • We perform a comprehensive list of geo-spatial functions for county offices, and when appropriate, to other agencies, organizations, and to the public. These functions include:
    • GPS Field Collection
    • Complex Spatial Analysis
    • Aerial Photography Interpretation
    • Thematic Mapping
    • And Much More…
  • We provide the following services to County offices and to the public:
    • Map Products
    • Noticing Services
    • GIS Data
    • Spatial Analysis
  • We also provide contract-based GIS Services to three of our neighboring jurisdictions:
    • Carson City
    • Storey County
    • Lyon County

Our Mission Statement
The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division develops and maintains a county-wide spatial database to provide up-to-date mapping and analysis services to increase efficiency, improve accuracy, reduce redundancy, and provide spatially analytical tools for decision makers in County departments, residents, businesses, as well as our visitors to Douglas County.


Eric Schmidt
GIS Supervisor

1615 8th St.
Minden, NV 89423

Ph: (775) 782-9045
Fx: (775) 783-6478

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm