Prior Permission Request

For aircraft with a certified MTOW over 75,000 lbs.

After nearly two years and over 40 meetings with residents, the voters of Douglas County approved a new Airport Use Ordinance on November 2, 2010 that replaces a previous weight ordinance. Aircraft owners and operators are responsible for reviewing and complying with Section 2: Limitations on Operational Use, including “knowing the Certified Maximum Gross Takeoff Weight (CMGTW) of their aircraft and for consulting the Airport Facilities Directory (AFD) for information regarding the weight bearing capacity of Airport pavement.”

The Ordinance states: “Except in the event of a declared and bona fide in-flight emergency, Overweight Aircraft may not land or take off from the Airport without prior permission from the Airport Manager. The Airport Manager may give landing permission to Overweight Aircraft only upon a reasonable and nondiscriminatory determination that such landing or landings are not likely to cause excessive cumulative damage to Airport pavement.”

Therefore, all aircraft that exceed the CMGTW listed in the AFD are responsible for requesting and receiving permission prior to arrival. Please complete the Prior Permission Request form below and submit to the Airport prior to operating. Airport management will review and respond to your request. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

For additional information please review the Airport Use Ordinance and contact the Airport at (775) 782-9871.

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