How Values were Calculated

Calculating Library Values
The library value calculator assists libraries in understanding and communicating their worth to their communities. It was originally developed by the Massachusetts Library Association Legislative Committee. The values were updated in September 2008.

How These Values Were Calculated
Library Service Value of Service Based On 
Adult Books borrowed   $17.00 average price 
Audio Books borrowed    $9.95 download average 
Children / Teen books borrowed    $12.00 average price 
Magazines borrowed  $5.00 Estimated purchase price average 
Videos / DVDs borrowed  $4.00 Blockbuster average 
Music CDs borrowed  $9.95 iTunes download album average 
Books borrowed via Interlibrary Loan   $25.00 average price plus shipping  
Adult Programs attended  $15.00 Museum program / admission fee (single) 
Children's Programs attended    $7.00 Museum program / admission fee - youth 
Hours of Computer Use (Internet, MS Word, etc.)  $12.00 FedEx-Kinkos price 
Reference Questions Answered  $7.00 Average library cost 
Meeting / study room use per hour   $25.00 Estimated value 

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