Canada Thistle

Life Cycle
  • Perennial
Growth Habit
  • Upright, up to 4-feet tall with creeping-root system; reproduces by seed and root
Plant Emergence
  • Seedlings emerge in late April to May forming rosettes; flowers late spring to early summer
  • Very erect plant with shiny, spined leaves
  • Seeds are viable for up to 22 years
  • 3/4" purple flower
  • Flower matures in late summer into dandelion-like white "puffball" which spreads the seed in the breeze
  • Repeated mowing, tilling, cutting or hand removal prior to seed production can provide suppression
  • Successful treatment will require several years
  • Apply Tordon, Milestone, or Curtail to growing plants through flowering
  • Repeated applications of 2,4-D, Banvel, or Roundup to actively growing plants

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