Puncturevine (Goathead)

Life Cycle
  • Summer Annual
Growth Habit
  • Low growing, trailing mat-like form
Plant Emergence
  • Late spring to early fall (June through September)
  • Hard, sharply-pointed seeds that look like a goat’s head. (These are the guys that pop your bicycle tires.)
  • Seeds are viable in the soil for 4 - 5 years
  • Requires warm weather
  • Germinates after any wet period
  • Bright yellow flowers
  • Digging, hand pulling, tilling before emergence of flowers
  • Apply Pendulum or Surflan as a pre-emergent in mid to late spring
  • Apply Tordon; Banvel; 2,4-D; or Roundup at seedling stage
  • Apply Reward at full growth

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