1. Ambulance Subscription Service

    Learn about the ambulance subscription service.

  2. Animal Care & Services

    Find information on animal care and services.

  3. Automobile Registration Renewals

    Be sure to find information on renewing your automobile registration.

  4. Bus Service

    Find out more about the Douglas County bus service.

  5. Business License

  6. Child Support

    Read about child support issues relevant to Douglas County.

  7. Document Recording

    Discover Douglas County's use of document recording.

  8. Emergency Management

    Stay up to date on current weather and natural disaster conditions through our Emergency Management department.

  9. Fire & Paramedics

    Explore the information provided about fire and paramedic services provided throughout Douglas County.

  10. Garbage & Recycling

    Help Douglas County to keep renewing its resources by how you deal with garbage and recycling.

  11. Human Resources

  12. Land Use & Development Regulations

    Discover what the current land and development regulations are.

  13. Library

  14. Mosquito Abatement

    Research how to keep mosquitoes at bay as best you can.

  15. Passports

    Get information on how to apply for and obtain a passport.

  16. Prescription Discount Card

    Access information about how the discount card could save you money and where to pick up your card.

  17. Public Administrator

    Find out how the public administrator serves Douglas County.

  18. Public Guardian

    Learn about the roles and responsibilities of the public guardian in Douglas County.

  19. Recreation

  20. Senior Services

    Explore the various senior services available to qualified residents of Douglas County.

  21. Sewer Utilities

    View information on sewer utilities.

  22. Sheriff's Office

    Check out how the sheriff's office serves the residents of Douglas County.

  23. Social Services

    Stay current on programs and help available through social services.

  24. Voter Registration

    Take a step toward active citizenship by registering to vote.

  25. Water Utilities

    Discover ways to be wise with your water use as well as statistics on the County's use of water utilities.

  26. Weed Control

    Find out more about the weed control efforts in Douglas County.

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